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Clipper Ship Views For many years, I have been intrigued with sailing vessels and have wanted to create a scale model that would recapture the rustic elegance of the clipper era. After much study, I chose the YOUNG AMERICA, a clipper ship built in 1853 by William Webb, one of New York's most prominent shipbuilders. She truly was an accomplished vessel, one a "Young America" could be proud of, for she ventured around the treacherous Cape Horn over 50 times in trade with California. For me, the YOUNG AMERICA is a symbol of the courageous and enduring spirit of our seafaring forefathers.

As a tribute to this spirit, my reproduction combines the mediums of wood and copper for their individual beauty and complimentary appearance. To me, the rustic and weathered hull represents the rigors endured by those old sailing vessels, while the noble sheen of the antiqued copper depicts the elegance originally built into these tall ships. The billowing copper sails, "trimmed to the wind," lend a feeling of motion that creates a different visual image from every perspective and distinguishes this classic reproduction.

As you can imagine, the intricate detail in this piece makes it difficult to appreciate from photographs; it should really be seen in person. From the weathered grain in the hand carved hull to the rich antiqued finish on the carefully formed sails, this clipper has been a labor of love in which I have invested many hours. In turn, it has provided me with a great deal of satisfaction. My plan was to offer a limited edition of this unique YOUNG AMERICA; two of four are presently available.

Quality materials were used to ensure that this investment will be enjoyed for many generations. The antiqued mahogany display case (327quot; long, 13" deep, and 22" high) is ventilated and will protect the ship from dust and damage. In short, I believe that this YOUNG AMERICA is a tribute to the clipper tradition, as well as a majestic showpiece that would enhance any office of boardroom.

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